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Discover Whanganui, New Zealand, Queens Park

Discover Whanganui

Discover Whanganui, 0ne of New Zealand’s most interesting and distinctive places to visit with a rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene!  We would love for you to come and stay and take the time to explore, get to know us and our beautiful landscape, history and people.

The Whanganui River, Te Awa o Whanganui, is the longest navigable river in New Zealand and an integral part of our district, shaping the development, settlement and history of both early Māori and European settlers. It is also one of a few Rivers in the world that has status as a legal entity. Discover Whanganui with our abundance of natural attributes, unspoilt native forest, a temperate climate with above average sunshine hours and stunning west coast beaches, Whanganui has attracted visitors and residents over the ages.

Discover Whanganui – A collection of articles, stories and general information on Whanganui, New Zealand!

Discover Whanganui Vintage Weekend

Discover whanganui

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