Durie Hill War Memorial Tower

A Must-See View on Your Trip to Whanganui!

Unveiled in 1925, the Durie Hill War Memorial Tower stands adjacent to the smaller Durie Hill Elevator Tower, and for those willing to climb the spiral of another 176 steps, even more impressive views can be seen from the top! The decision to build a war memorial to the fallen was made in 1919 but the location was fiercely debated by the townspeople of the time. This is the tower and memorial built from the first proposal. The alternative was to build a war memorial more central to the town and in the end both projects went ahead. The second memorial is the Cenotaph located in Queen’s Park.

The Durie Hill War Memorial Tower can reached via the Durie Hill Underground Elevator, a short walk from the city centre – do them both together!

This tower is a real testament to the builders of the time and registered as a Category 2 Historic Place. The tower is the official Wanganui Memorial to the 513 people from the district who died in the First World War and is constructed of cemented marine sandstone containing shell fragments (simply called shellrock) from a nearby quarry. It is 33.5 metres high (104 feet) and the rock is estimated to be more than 2 million years old.

Durie Hill War Memorial Tower

  • In Memory

    Unveiled in 1925, the tower is in memory of those who fell during the great war from 1914 – 1918

  • Step Up!

    A spiral staircase of 176 steps takes you to the top. Rumour has it there are only 175 on the way down… Ride the Underground Elevator in Durie Hill as a fun way to the tower! Underground Elevator.

  • Good Looking

    A fantastic panorama of the city and the hinterlands awaits those who dare to stretch their legs!

  • Still curious?

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2 Tower Crescent
Durie Hill
Whanganui 4500

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday – Sunday:
8:00am – 6:00pm

0800 92 64 26
30 minutes
Parking Available, Campervans Welcome, Family Friendly

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