Whanganui Tram

Mable, the Number 12 Tram

A fully restored, authentic electric tram from 1908

In 2014, after many years of volunteer hard work, “Mable”, the No. 12 vintage electric tram celebrated her first public outing on the riverbank of Whanganui. The tram was built by Boon and Co in Christchurch around 1911 and began operating here on the 26th of November in 1912.

Until the 1950’s Whanganui’s tram network carried passengers between the outer suburbs, the beach and the CBD. Opened in 1908, Wanganui was the first provincial town to have a tramway and twelve trams were commissioned by the then Mayor Mackay. “Mable” is believed to have operated mainly between Victoria Avenue in the centre of the town and the coastal suburb of Castlecliff.

Today you can see her housed in the bright red tram shed, gifted to the city by David Harre in the 1990’s from its previous relocation in Auckland.

Number 12 tram opening

  • First in NZ

    Opened in 1908, Whanganui was the first provincial town to have a tramway sytem.

  • This Is it!

    Not only the only Provincial tramways system in NZ – it is also the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere!

  • Old Timer

    The Number 12 Tram used to run mainly from the City Centre and out to Castlecliff Beach in the days before cars became the norm.

  • Still curious?

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Wanganui Tram Shed
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Whanganui 4500

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