Moutoa Gardens Whanganui

Moutoa Gardens Whanganui

Landmark in Whanganui-adjacent to the River

Moutoa Gardens, so named to commemorate the Battle of Moutoa is an important landmark in Whanganui adjacent to the Whanganui River. It has been used as a public park for many years. Prior to that however it was known as a down river sanctuary for Māori.

A place for them to stay when in town and a market place to trade goods. In older times it was the site of a marae kāinga known as Pakaitore (Paikatore to some) commonly used as a seasonal fishing village for Whanganui hapū coming from inland areas to harvest the bounty of the sea.

For 80 days in 1995, members of the Whanganui iwi occupied historic Pakaitore (Moutoa Gardens) to draw attention to their concerns. The protest highlighted the iwi Treaty of Waitangi Claim for the Whanganui River, the exercise of their “tino rangatiratanga” (self determination) and the right to make decisions over issues affecting them.

Moutoa Gardens

Moutoa Gardens Whanganui
  • A Secret...

    See if you can find a secret bronze sculpture quite unlike anything else 🙂

  • New Zealand Wars

    The most prominent monument at the Gardens today honours Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui NZC, a Māori military commander.

  • Centrally located

    Near to CBD and major attractions in Whanganui!

  • Still curious?

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Moutoa Gardens,Whanganui 4500

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