Paloma Gardens Whanganui

Paloma Gardens Whanganui

Exotic gardens, landscaped with plants from all over

Come explore the exotic Paloma Gardens, landscaped with plants from all over the world, from the jungles of Asia to the deserts of Africa and the Americas. Paloma Gardens has been awarded “Garden of National Significance” by the New Zealand Gardens Trust for the past thirteen years.

Paloma Gardens commenced in 1990 and is maturing rapidly due to the mild, almost frost-free climate in Whanganui.

The garden is best presented as several distinct zones, including the Palm Garden, the Desert House, the Garden of Death, the Bamboo Forests, the Jardin Exotique, the Wedding Lawn and the two Arboreta – unique among the Gardens In Whanganui.

A large pond in the centre of the garden is crossed by an arched bridge and doubles as the family swimming pool. An older area surrounds the house where there are maturing specimens of palms, cycads and tree ferns. Large plants of Aloe bainesii and A. polyphylla can be found here.

Paloma gardens whanganui

  • Winning Display

    Paloma has been awarded “Garden of National Significance” by the NZ Gardens Trust for the past 13 years.

  • Picnic Spot

    You are welcome to picnic in the gardens which are open all year.

  • Time for Celebration!

    We welcome bookings for weddings, celebrations and gatherings at Paloma. Why not enjoy a relaxing stay in our romantic bed and breakfast,or else camp nearby

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Paloma Gardens Pohutukawa Ln, Fordell 4577

Open all daylight hours, every day of the year.
$10 per person (over 15 years).
Guided tours available by appointment.

(06) 342 7857
Enjoy at your own pace!
$10 per person
Parking Available, Accommodation, Art, Toilets, Gardens, Disabled Access, Family Friendly

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