Quartz Museum Of Stuido Ceramics Whanganui

QUARTZ Museum Of Studio Ceramics Whanganui

The Only Museum Of Ceramics In New Zealand

The Rick Rudd Foundation, a charitable trust, has established the Quartz, Museum of Ceramics here in Whanganui. Open from 10:30am to 4:00pm Tuesday to Sunday, the museum houses more than 400 works in the collection. Ceramic works are also borrowed from private collections for special exhibitions at the museum and each year an installation is commissioned. This is a wonderful addition to Whanganui’s art world and a “must see”!

About Rick Rudd
The Rick Rudd Foundation was set up in 2013 as a Charitable trust and in 2014 Rudd bought Munford House and gave it and his collection of studio ceramics to the foundation.

Rick Rudd began working with clay at art collage in England in 1968, came to New Zealand in 1973 and has been a full time studio potter since 1975. He has kept illustrative works from his practice throughout his career and now has over 250 pieces. Many of them are on show.

A Tour Of Quartz Museum

  • One Of A Kind

    As the only dedicated ceramics museum in New Zealand, Quartz Museum is worth checking out!

  • Why Quartz

    “Quartz, raised to a red heat, quenched in water and ground to a powder is the most valuable material to potters both in clays and glazes.”A potter’s Book, Bernard Leach, 1940, Faber and Faber

  • Still curious?

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8 Bates Street
Whanganui 4500
New Zealand

Tuesday – Sunday:
10:30am – 4:00pm

+64 6 348 5555
1/2 - 1 hour
Donations are welcome
No Dogs, Parking Available, Art, Disabled Access, Family Friendly

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