Queens Park Whanganui

Queens Park Whanganui

The cultural centre of Whanganui

The cultural centre of Whanganui, Queens Park is home to the iconic Sarjeant Gallery Building, Whanganui Regional Museum, the Alexander Heritage & Research Library, War Memorial Centre and the Veterans Steps.

The Sarjeant Gallery in Queens Park was built from a bequest to the city by Henry Sarjeant in 1912 and has significant historic and architectural value. Note that the Sarjeant Gallery has currently relocated as this grand building undergoes renovations.

The services are recognised as the best in a New Zealand provincial gallery, which enhances Whanganui as a place to live and visit. The collection began in 1901 and in the first few decades the focus was on 19th and early 20th century British and European works. Since the late 1920s the main focus for collection development has been New Zealand art, both historical and contemporary.

Set in the heart of the Whanganui cultural centre on Queens Park, the Whanganui Regional Museum offers visitors a rare experience – a journey into the hearts and minds of the people of Whanganui, and a look at their treasures, their loves, their everyday lives and their dramas, their history and their future.

Queen’s Park / Pukenamu

  • Best in NZ

    The Sarjeant Gallery is recognised as the best in a NZ provincial gallery, which enhances Whanganui as a place to live and visit.

  • Handspan

    Home to Handspan, a tactile sculpture celebrating peace and featuring 6000 individual handprints.

  • All in One

    Surrounding the Queens Park buildings are green open spaces ideal for a picnic and to view the river and central city area.

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Watt Street, Queen's Park, Wanganui

Open all day long (please refer to Whanganui Regional Museum, Library and War Memorial Centre for individual opening hours)

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